Bell Helmet Recall: Please Keep a Secret

I have a secret but you can’t tell anyone…

Bell Sports Exodus Full-Face Bicycle Motocross Helmet is subject to a recall because the plastic release buckle on the helmet that connects the chin straps can separate and cause the helmet to eject from the user’s head. This can pose a risk of serious injury if you are under this Bell Exodus helmet. There has already been a report of a Bell Exodus coming off and causing a laceration under the eye that required stitches. Over 30,000 helmets subject to this recall are on the market.

Why is this a secret? Apparently, Bell Sports does not know any of this. Seriously. Go look at their website. I think it would make Bell Sports very sad if they knew their helmets were defective and causing risk of injury to children. So it is probably best that we not tell them.

(Yes, I know this picture is way to big for this post.)