Bayer Still Rules

This is hysterical:

Datamonitor attended this year’s International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics World Congress in Cape Town to assess the state of the women’s healthcare market. The overwhelming presence of Bayer-Schering at the conference confirms the company’s strength in the contraceptives field and its commitment to maintaining its market-leading position.

Bayer is getting lawsuits from everyone, including their own investors, over the debacle that is Yaz/Yasmin. Yet Datamonitor went to “assess the state of the women’s healthcare market” and found Bayer still rules the roots. Datamonitor also went to access at the state of David Letterman’s marriage and found it better than ever.

This is all so “George Bush sitting inside the bubble being told how everyone loves him”-esque. It is great to have a posse like Bayer appears to have that always tells you how great you are. For $125, Datamonitor will send you a SWOT analysis of Bayer AG. I’m tempted to get it just to see it if it is more or less of a puff, cheerleader piece than the program you get at a Baltimore Orioles game. Vegas odds: push.

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