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Bayer Gallbladder Settlements

Bayer will pay – should say “may” pay as I explain below – $24 million in settlements to Yaz/Yasmin plaintiffs who filed lawsuits alleging they developed gallbladder disease or underwent gallbladder surgery. This is about $2,000 to $3,000 a case. The difference is that “Tier 1” patients who had cholecystectomies (gallbladder removal surgery) will receive more than “Tier 2” patients who developed gallbladder symptoms, but didn’t require surgery.

yaz ballbladder

Yaz gallbladder cases go nowhere

Let’s get to the first question first: Why so little in settlements for these Yaz gallbladder cases. The reason is pretty simple: the science is just not there yet for the gallbladder cases. There is no doubt that Yaz may be causing these problems in young women. But there is just not – at least not yet – the evidence to support it.

I said above that Bayer “may” settle these cases.  Technically, Bayer may withdraw from the settlement if less than 90 percent of gallbladder plaintiffs accept the global settlement. But I suspect this is just an artifice to get plaintiffs’ lawyers to push their clients to settle the cases. I don’t think plaintiffs’ lawyers need the incentive.

Candidly, no one wants these cases because they are dead bang losers. Again, not that these women have not really suffered because they have. And not that they are not cases because they might be one day. Who knows? But under the present state of medical science, these are not cases. Bayer’s settlement reflects this fact.

You can settle your gallbladder case while still keeping your blood clot case open if you are one of the patients that had that bad luck to have both complications.

This is not a good outcome for these cases.  There is no doubt that many lawyers had higher hopes for these cases.  Again, it is not that the Yaz did not cause your gallbladder related problems…. we just can’t prove it.

The Yaz/Yasmin cases with blood clots, stroke, DVT, etc. have much, much higher settlement values, let me tell you. If you have one of these cases, call one of our Yasmin/Yaz attorneys at 800-553-8082. You can also get a free on-line consultation here.

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