Bath Tub Mat Recall

Small problem with 8,000 no slip bath mats: they slip. There is a recall of these non-slip bathtub mats imported by Prime-Line Products because the mats don’t stick to the tub.

Prime-Line has received one report of a pad not sticking to a bathtub. One report is not a recall make so I suspect there is more going on.

Bath tub slips are extremely dangerous for reasons that seem obvious but I can’t quite articulate. The bigger problem with bath tub mats is not that they are slippery but that they are worn down. That same bath mat that worked well 10 years ago does not create the same friction anymore. We had a bath tub slip and fall in a hotel settle for over $500,000 recently.

Anyway, these recalled bath mats are whale-shaped, white, vinyl, non-slip bathtub pads with textured surfaces and adhesive backings and are used to help prevent children from slipping and falling in bathtubs. The pads come in sets of 12 and 15. Each set contains pads that range in size from 2 to 4 inches tall. The model number is S-4630 and the SKU number is 049793846303. Both are printed on the back of the packaging.