Baby Crib Recall: SafetyCraft

A recall has been issued for the ironically named Generation 2 Worldwide “SafetyCraft” full-size and portable drop-side cribs amid concerns that their plastic hardware breaks easily, creating of death from strangulation and suffocation.

There was no real way to know these cribs could cause risks to our children. No wait. Actually there was. The drop-side hardware on these are exactly the same as the Generation 2 Worldwide ChildESIGNS brand drop-side cribs that were recalled last February. Seriously?
This hardware found on SafetyCraft drop-side cribs can fail and place infants and toddlers at risk of strangulation and suffocation. The CPSC is asking parents to stop using these cribs completely and not to try to fix them.

For reasons that no one will ever understand, CPSC has limited information about the exact model numbers. But if you have a “SafetyCraft” label on your crib at headboard or footboard, you may have a crib that puts your child at risk.

People, these are babies. We have to start paying attention when we make these things.