Avvo Attorney Blogs

I wrote a blog post back in November bragging that the Accident Injury Lawyer Blog was ranked #133 on Avvo’s list of attorney blogs. We have since jumped to #41. Why the jump?—–

Well, first, an admission. The primary purpose of this blog is to attract personal injury cases in Maryland and around the country. Although our law practice is based in Maryland, we are willing to handle cases in other jurisdictions. Frankly, most cases we get in other jurisdictions we refer out but we cherry pick the largest cases and hire local counsel and maintain the lead on the case.

So, consistent with that goal, I would write a blog post about any case that we might be interested in getting involved with, mostly mass tort product liability cases.

What has lead to the increase in traffic is following the path of our other major blog, the Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog. That blog is focused on providing information and education for other lawyers by keeping them up-to-date on topics of interest to accident and malpractice lawyers.

With the Accident Injury Lawyer Blog, the focus is not other practicing attorneys but consumers/victims. But, like the Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog, I focus on writing about things that people really want to read about regardless of whether our law firm is interested in handling the case. Babbling on about a Ford recall is not going to generate any cases for us because we are not handling these cases. But people are interested in learning about these recalls and the information and commentary we provide about them. Sure we are still writing about the types of cases that we want, providing internal links for marketing and telling victims to contact us if they need an attorney. But most of our blog posts on the Accident Injury Lawyer Blog have nothing to do with cases we would be interested in handling.

I think the great paradox of blogging to get personal injury cases is that, on some level, the more you try to attract cases you want, the less likely it is that readers are going to find your blog.