Another Silly “You Sent Me a Fax” Lawsuit

An Illinois federal judge last week certified a class of recipients of faxed advertisements. What happened? A medical billing company apparently did not have prior express permission or an established business relationship to send out a bunch of faxes that it did. So some doctor a cosmetic surgeon, sues.

You went to medical school. You became a surgeon. Sure, you are going the Doc Hollywood routine and making bucks instead of saving lives. But, hey, most of us are not saving lives. And Mom and Dad are still bragging all the same at the club. So why do you want to be the lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuits? I mean, I get the idea, these faxes are really annoying. But who cares? There have to be bigger fish to fry than suing over someone sending you a fax.

I just feel like there are people who have actually been hurt like, I don’t know, my clients. They should get priority of judicial resources, not someone who got an unwanted fax.

My two cents.

Justia has all of the details about the case.