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And Even More Recent Jury Awards

  • Lawsuit in the Hit-and-Run Death of a Police Officer Ends in Settlement
  • A civil lawsuit filed by the wife of a fallen officer, struck and killed while on duty last year, has ended with a settlement.

    The details here are tragic. The officer, who is survived by his wife and young son, was on duty and investigating a routine complaint. The Defendant, who was originally charged with murder, was said to have intentionally struck the officer while he was standing by the open door of a vehicle parked on the street. The Defendant was eventually convicted of second-degree manslaughter in the officer’s death, and sentenced to 20 years. The Judge stated that he regretted that the state law didn’t allow him to follow the jury’s recommendation of 30 years.

  • Lawsuit Filed Following the Shooting Death of a Concert-Goer
  • The mother of a nineteen year old man has filed suit following the death of her son, while attending a concert featuring the rapper, Big Tone.

    This type of incident is unthinkable. According to the lawsuit, just as the concert was concluding, a dispute broke out among the guests and gunshots were fired randomly over and into the crowd. The young man was struck in the chest. Two other people were shot, while two others were stabbed. In the confusion to get medical help for those hurt, the decedent was the last person to be taken to the hospital, and subsequently died at the hospital.

    The lawsuit claims that the Defendant was negligent by not providing supervision and adequate security to insure the safety of the patrons at an event where the rapper’s audience required that due care and security be maintained.

    Sadly, there are no arrests, no leads, no nothing.

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