Amanda Bynes Car Accident


Amanda Bynes Arrested for DWI

Amanda Bynes, a pretty, young actress who has started in such things as [I really have no idea], was involved in a car accident, following a recent DWI arrest following another accident she had with a police car.

The big news is the concern that it was a hit and run accident. Bynes allegedly swiped a car last Friday night and just kept going. Bynes just kep on driving until she reached a gas station here, ostensibly, she “realized” she hit someone. The big clue: the driver of the vehicle was chasing her along with six police cars.

Who knows how much of this is true. But when you are high profile person and you get a DWI charge, you can pretty much assume all future facts are going to be construed against you. Or not. Apparently, the police are willing to pretend that it was all just a big misunderstanding. Which is for the best. The world, we can all agree, makes more sense when rich, beautiful and famous people are treating differently than the rest of us.

I’ll now take questions from you, the home viewer:

Why are you writing about this nonsense? I thought this was a serious legal blog trying to present real information to lawyer and consumers. This is pathetic. Joe Smith, Baltimore, Maryland

Well, thanks Joe for the kind words. We are trying to provide real information to real people. No doubt. But understand this: People love celebrities. And they love hearing about things like Amanda Bynes car accident. (In fact, they may even Google “Amanda Bynes car accident”.) So as pathetic as it is, I blog about it so that when I’m putting up that real information intended to help lawyers and or consumers, someone is actually reading it. (Sadly, this effort is likely to fail her. I didn’t realize until three-fourths of the way through this post that this is old news.)