Alexa Legal Blogs: The Avvo List

The Accident Injury Lawyer Blog has dropped a bit on Avvo’s list of top legal blogs. This blog was 38th; now it is a lowly 102nd. Depressed, I went directly to Alexa’s rankings to see what the problem is. Well, our traffic went up 100% last month. Go figure.

How do I explain this? I can’t really. But take a look at the list, there are very few personal injury lawyer generated blogs ahead of us. Maybe there are more legal blogs coming on the scene that are not related to personal injury. Honestly, there are hundreds of new personal injury lawyer blogs being birthed every month. But I have not added a new blog to my Google reader in years. (If you think I’m wrong, send me the blog.)
Anyway, if you are reading this blog regularly, I appreciate it. Believe me, I’m keeping score.