Actos Lawsuit: June 2012 Update

Actos is a drug used to treat type-2 diabetes. Several studies indicate that Actos users have a higher risk of bladder cancer, heart attacks and death.

There is no doubt that all drugs have side-effects and risks. But there are many other drugs other than Actos that can be used to treat type-2 diabetes without these serious and sometimes fatal risks. We believe that Actos is an unreasonably dangerous drug, and the manufacturer should recall Actos… or the FDA should make them.

Actos Fraud
In February 2012, the federal court in Boston unsealed a lawsuit filed by Helen Ge against Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the Actos manufacturer. That lawsuit, filed in June 2010, is unique because Ms. Ge was employed by Takeda as a medical reviewer. Her lawsuit is not for personal injuries, but it is a false claims lawsuit that claims Takeda failed to report health risks, and instructed their medical reviewers to cover up the truth. Takeda fired Ms. Ge after she brought her concerns to the company. She was concerned because the company was not fully disclosing the number of adverse events for Actos bladder cancer and Actos heart attack injuries.

Takeda, of course, had a profit motive to keep Actos injuries hidden—the drug was their big moneymaker, yielding $3.1 billion annual sales in 2008, and $3.4 billion in annual sales in 2009. Over half of Takeda’s revenue was Actos-related. That boost in profits was due in no small part to the bad press received because of Avandia lawsuits — Avandia was a competitor drug.

Actos Class Action Lawsuits
There are now about 445 Actos lawsuits pending in MDL-2299. These lawsuits are combined in multidistrict litigation for the purposes of pretrial discovery and possible settlement. The cases are individual, but grouped together because it is more efficient and avoids duplicative proceedings. Any federal Actos lawsuit becomes part of the MDL, now pending in Louisiana before Judge Rebecca Doherty. There are other Actos injury lawsuits filed in state courts across the country.

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