Actos Class Action WILL Move Forward

The MDL judge overseeing the Actos “class action” lawsuit it pushing these cases forward with vigor, setting hard and fast dates for the two pilot bellwether trials to get the Actos MDL over with in a “reasonable time frame.” The judge also ruled that any bellwether plaintiff must have bladder cancer.

How do they pick these bellwether cases? Good questions. The plaintiffs’ lawyers and Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S. have been charged with nominating five plaintiffs. Plaintiffs’ lawyers pick the best cases; defense lawyers try to cherry pick the worst.

There are now almost 500 Actos lawsuits pending in the MDL. I said “class action” in quotes above: these lawsuits are combined in multidistrict litigation for the purposes of pretrial discovery and possible settlement. The cases are individual, but grouped together because it is more efficient and avoids duplicative proceedings. Any federal Actos claim becomes part of the MDL pending before Judge Rebecca Doherty in Louisiana. There are other Actos injury lawsuits filed in state courts across the country.

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