Actos Update for September, 2013

We will learn soon a great deal more about the value of the Actos bladder cancer lawsuits that are pending around the country.  Takeda Pharmaceuticals is in the middle of a wrongful death suit in Baltimore City involving its diabetes drug.  The suit claims that drug maker knew Actos increased the risk of bladder cancer, but downplayed that risk.  Why?  Because it wanted to sell as much of the drug as it could.

In opening statements, plaintiff’s attorney said that Takeda “knew the value of the drug and they knew the risks” but pushed ahead because the drug was making the company billions of dollars.

actosThe Last Actos Case

This spring, a Los Angeles jury had to decide this same issue and found that Takeda was negligent.  It awarded the family $6.5 million.

You would think this would be a huge statement about the value of these Actos bladder cancer cases.  It is.  But, unfortunately, the trial judge in that case took away the jury’s verdict.  Why would he do this after a long jury trial?  The judge believe that  the plaintiff’s expert could not give the opinion that the diabetes drug was a substantial, contributing  factor to the plaintiff getting bladder cancer.   Of course, this decision has been appealed but it might take years for the case to find its way through California’s appellate courts.

Still, this case sent a message to Takeda that was loud and clear: we think you did something wrong and we intend to award a lot of money.  The trial court taking away the verdict was awful for that plaintiff.  Hopefully, that will be fixed by the appellate courts.  But that did not change the jury’s message.  This verdict still increased the value of the Actos cases.

The truth is, Takeda didn’t really need these verdicts to get the message.  The FDA  has found that that diabetes patients on Actos for longer than one year may be at a greater risk for getting bladder cancer, which is an awful disease even as cancers go.   So we can’t be surprised to see juries awarding compensation for millions of dollars.

This Baltimore Actos Case Will Tell Us More

Certainly, this is a big case in the history of this litigation.  If there is any one big verdict, as I suspect, I think Takeda will take off the rose colored glasses and get serious about resolving these suits.

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