Honda Odyssey and Accura MDX Airbag Recall

Honda will recall about 374,000 Odyssey minivans and Acura MDX SUVs. There is an electrical problem that may cause a airbag malfunction.

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Honda recalls approximately 374,000  vehicles for airbags

The company reports that an electrical interference may lead to the vehicles’ supplemental restraint systems to inflate the airbags for no good reason. The car maker characterized the concern as a small but growing number of complaints in recent months of cases where the airbag deployed without caused. Honda says there have been no crashes as a result. It didn’t mention injuries. Ever been popped in the face with a airbag? I remember one breaking my hard contract lens back in 1993.

The Wall Street Journal points out that this raises a large issue of just how long we can expect airbags to work.  It is a real issue.   Airbags are a pretty new invention.  Many airbag systems are hitting their 20th birthday and beyond.   Do they still work?   Certainly, you can have a mechanic verify the electronics are in working order.  But I’m not sure that guarantees your bag will properly deploy in a collision.

To remedy the problem, the company will install an electrical noise filter next to the supplemental restraint system’s control unit. For unknown reasons, the recall will not begin until in late October. So sorry to all who get hit with airbag in the face, or worse, in the meantime.

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