Accident Lawsuits Against Local Government Entities

A wrongful death lawsuit has been brought by the survivors of three people killed in a car accident. The wrinkle, in this case, is that they have brought a suit against the city of Charlotte and Crescent Resources, accusing them of negligence for not installing a traffic light where the high-speed crash along N.C. 49 occurred two years ago.

Why bring in the government entities? The families’ lost loved ones were not the cause of the accident: the accident was caused by two guys who were racing. The answer in these cases is always the same: inadequate insurance.

The suit claims Charlotte and Crescent Resources, the developer of a community along the highway in southwest Mecklenburg County, created a dangerous intersection and failed to install a traffic light.

These are very tough cases, they really are, although sometimes it becomes painfully obvious that the government screwed up. The one big problem plaintiffs have with a jury: there are already well defined bad guys, two guys driving 100 miles an hour who should have been charged with murder.

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