Nursing Home Abuse in Ohio

People who live, or have loved ones who live, at Westside Health Care and Nursing Home, a long-term care nursing home that recently received a surprise inspection, will have to wait a little longer before receiving the Cincinnati City Council’s health committee has been canceled report on how Westside Health Care and Nursing Home is caring for its patients. A report had been expected today, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Cincinnati police described conditions at the Westside as “deplorable,” and reports showed residents living with fleas, flies, and filth. Residents told police that laundry had not been done in three months. In the affidavit filed to secure the search warrant, Cinncinnati Police Office Aaron Layton said wrote that the conditions presented “a safety, health and fire hazard to the occupants of the premises and surrounding properties.” Upon inspection, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer, a fire door tied shut, accumulation of vomit was in an entryway, smoking was permitted near oxygen tanks, the sprinkler system did not work, and there were loads of structural defects.

When I was a kid, I was bouncing around in the back of my parents’ car without a car seat in sight. Today, that is child abuse, but it was normal back then. If you are wondering what seemed awful 10 years from now, I think it will be the way we treat our elderly. I don’t think the Westside Health Care and Nursing Homes of the world will exist in 10 years.


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