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7 Million Candles Recalled

Chesapeake Bay Candle and Modern Light have issued a recall for 7 million candles that may pose a fire risk. That’s right, the intentional fire you start might cause a real fire. Get your mind around that one.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says the plastic cup the candle sits in can melt or ignite, causing the controlled fire to spread. The candles subject to the recall were sold at Home Goods, Target, Wegmans, Marshall’s, and other stores nationwide between July 2009 and February 2011.

If you have any questions you can contact the company which has a little piece of its website dedicated to the recall, which will allow you to download a Microsoft Word document with information on the recall. I know I’m a skeptic, but is the Word document immune from the search engines? I’m an Oliver North conspiracy theorist. (Note: they have a blog that does not even bother to mention the recall. But, hey, Chesapeake Bay Candle is tight with the Susan G. Komen foundation. I’ll find solace in that as my house is burning down.)

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