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$2.3 Million Award in Fulton County

A Fulton County jury in Georgia ordered an obstetrician and a pediatrician to pay a combined $2.3 million for their treatment of an infant in a botched circumcision The malpractice lawsuit, in this case, alleged that the obstetrician and the pediatrician were negligently failed to provide care when part of the boy’s penis was severed during the procedure at South Fulton Medical Center.

The frustrating thing about this case is that it appears to have been negligence that could have been largely fixed. The doctor who circumcised him removed too much tissue. That was mistake number one. If the penis’ tip was placed in a biohazard bag, it could have been reattached if a urologist had attended to the boy within eight hours. But the jury found that the boy’s pediatrician failed to respond when a nurse made him aware of excessive bleeding.

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