$2.2 Million Verdict in First Humira Trial

Plaintiffs – 1, Abbott – 0. The first Humira lawsuit filed against Abbott Laboratories results in a huge win for the good guys.

This week, a Chicago jury awarded $2,244,063.20 to a man on behalf of his wife. After taking the TNF blocker, Humira, for close to seven months, she began experiencing chest pain and fevers. Undiagnosed for weeks and close to death, she was eventually diagnosed with Humira-induced disseminated histoplasmosis, a severe, life-threatening infection.

Despite the FDA having issued an alert in September 2008 to all manufactures of TNF blockers, including Abbott Laboratories, to provide new information to the medical community about the risks of unrecognized, drug induced histoplasmosis, Abbott failed to do so for 20 months, ten days after the Plaintiff’s wife was hospitalized.

There have been reports of serious side effects that have caused problems for Humira users. Humira may increase the risk of nerve damage, cancer, and fungal infections. Plaintiff’s Humira lawsuits allege that Humira was negligently developed, produced, and manufactured and, in many states, Abbott is strictly liable for the harms caused. Still, Humira remains very popular.

Not many lawyers have been high on these Humira lawsuits. That could change. Quickly.

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